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CB Oncology

20405 Old Cutler Road

Cutler Bay, FL 33189

Converting a retail space into a Radiation Oncology Center is no easy task, but patients needed these treatments to be provided near their homes.  CB Oncology found a space that was large enough and in the right location, but it was a bank, in the end bay of a shopping center. 


The primary weapon that is used to treat cancers at this location, is a Varian Tru Beam linear accelerator that uses high energy X Rays to destroy cancer cells.  The linear accelerator uses A LOT of electricity and has to be housed in a one million pound concrete and steel vault that will just fit under the existing roof.  A CT Scanner is used to map the areas for the treatments. The equipment is complex as it requires a computer room and control room.  Physicians and physicists use individual patient information to plan the right treatments for the patients at the facility.

From the patient side, CB Oncology wanted a modern and calming interior that conveyed professionalism and peace to patients and their families during the treatment process. The waiting areas, exam and prep rooms are spacious and comfortable.   Our design team of architects, designers, and engineers worked closely with the CB Oncology doctors, directors, technical staff, and contractors to create a state-of-the-art treatment center to serve Cutler Bay and the surrounding area.

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