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Palm Beach PediatricS

Palm Beach Pediatrics – 3423 square feet

6080 Boynton Beach Blvd. suite 240

Boynton Beach, FL 33437

In initial meetings with Palm Beach Pediatrics, Dr. Fox and the PBP staff emphasized that their new office needed to be a place where patients and their families could connect with their caregivers in a caring and comforting atmosphere.  Open and efficient spaces were important, allowing patients and staff to spend more time together to address the patient’s needs.  


As we developed the design of the 3400 square foot space, patient areas were arranged so that the doctors, nurses, and staff members could provide patient care with minimum travel.  The triage, audiology, and vision areas were located near the waiting area, while exam rooms and mental health areas are in more private areas. The waiting area is spacious, allowing for separation of patient groups, and areas for play when appropriate.  The front desk staff has full view of the waiting areas. The building allowed for all but one of the nine exam rooms to have windows adding natural light and views to the calming color palate.  Storage areas, washrooms and lab areas are centrally located in the core of the space.  The staff lounge is spacious with a connected meeting space located away from the patient areas.  

Palm Beach Pediatrics is one of the largest and most respected comprehensive private pediatric practices in Palm Beach County and has served over 54,000 patients since 1982.  It was our pleasure to work with the Palm Beach Pediatrics team producing a space we can all be proud of.

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